Even the best food plot seed blend will not yield results without quality soil. Antler Dirt® helps create rich, dark, moisture holding soil that’s necessary for growing great food plots and giant antlers.

Forage plants are simply nutrient transfer agents. These nutrients must first be in the soil to produce quality forage and quality deer. Most food plots, however, are located in poor, nutrient-depleted soil. By adding Antler Dirt and the beneficial microbes it includes, you can develop healthy soil that provides high quality nutrients for deer. Healthier soil, like that found in in the prairie states of Kansas, Iowa, and Illinois result in:

  • Superior plant growth
  • Larger deer
  • More impressive antlers
  • Long-term fertility
  • Plots with more drought tolerance & pest resistance

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AD-Bag-3-StackedThank you for your interest in Antler Dirt™! A superior soil amendment and fertilizer for superior food plots!

Antler Dirt™ is available in the following sizes/quantities:

40 lb bags


Shipping & Handling

Prices do not include shipping. Shipping rates will be calculated and shown in the shopping basket (click green button on upper right of sceen.) Local pick-up available.

Customers may pickup Antler Dirt™ in their own trailer or containers if ordering loose/bulk; however, shipping is available for both bag and bulk purchases.

There is a handling charge of $2.50 per order.


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