Big antlers start in the dirt. Organic matter, nutrients and microbes.
Why AntlerDirt works
  • Tasty forage draws bucks to your plots!
  • Increased tonnage Holds Bucks on your land longer!
How to use AntlerDirt
  • Water retention molecules increase drought tolerance
  • Organic matter builds long term soil heath
  • Use on food plots, hidey holes, even for your home garden or yard!

Big Antlers Start in the Dirt - Episode 22 Growing Deer TV

"This is a product I have used for years with amazing results. My food plots are planted in typical poor, rocky soil in the Ozark Mountains. With Antler Dirt my plots are as lush and vibrant as plots in the great soils of Iowa or other trophy deer producing areas! Antler Dirt has proven to be a superior alternative to manufactured inorganic fertilizers that I’ve tried."

Dr. Grant Woods
Wildlife biologist & host of GrowingDeer.TV

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Hunters and wildlife managers plant food plots primarily for two reasons: as an attractant for easier viewing and hunting or to provide the necessary nutrition to grow healthy, big deer.

Food plot farmers carefully select the seed varieties to plant to meet these goals, selecting plants known for their preference by deer and their high protein and carbohydrate levels. In creating food plots an important element to consider is the quality of the soil. Quality soil can be directly correlated to bigger deer. For illustration, look at the locations of bucks entered in the Boone and Crockett record book and soybean yield by county. These maps are very similar! Reason being quality soil equals quality forage, and quality forage equals quality deer.

Both antler and fawn development are closely correlated to the amount of quality forage made available to the deer herd in free ranging environments. The most economical method to provide a deer herd with the highest nutritional value is to provide the soil with its desired amendments found via a soil analyses.

Adding the appropriate amounts of Antler Dirt®—suggested via soil analysis—will greatly increase the quantity and quality of forage produced. Additionally, healthy plants are more resistant to drought and pests.